Integral HCS
Provider Settings

Integral Healthcare Solutions (IHS) leadership has extensive experience in and is totally dedicated to the healthcare provider community in various settings — large and small — for short as well as long-term engagements. IHS recognizes the needs of both large and small providers in these tough resource stressed times. Service settings include:

Hospitals — within the following settings and communities of service, hospitals share many of the same resource scarcity issues but also experience unique service needs — IHS recognizes these unique variables and focuses on the development and implementation of right-source solutions to compliment your specific resource requirements.

Community Setting

Corporate Setting

Government Affiliation

  • Acute Care
  • For Profit
  • City
  • Critical Access
  • Not-for-Profit
  • County
  • Psychiatric
  • Sole Community
  • District
  • Specialty
  • Voluntary
  • State
  • Physicians — as with the variety of issues and service settings of hospital providers, physicians as well share similar resource pressures while experiencing unique needs. IHS offers support to physicians resource requirements while considering there unique pressures and service requirements:

  • Small Multi-Provider Offices
  • Large Multi-Specialty Practices
  • Faculty Practice Corporations
  • Ambulatory / Urgent Care Centers
  • right_sourcing leadership